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What Can I Do to Help My Child with Math When I Don’t Know Any Myself?



Especially when they are for adults!  And when they are for adults to use as a tool to help children, I am overjoyed and biting at the bit to share them with you!

Meet my – and my neighbor’s – favorite new tool that will change the way you help your children with their math homework!

‘What Can I Do to Help My Child

With Math When I Don’t Know Any Myself?’


BY: Tahir Yaqoob, Ph. D.

With 25 years of tutoring experience and mentoring kids under his belt, astrophysicist and author Tahir Yaqoob, Ph. D., walks even the most timid parent through the basic understanding of how to help their children succeed in math…  even if they can not remember a thing about it.


I will be putting this book on the shelf to pull off in elementary school, I am sure.  But my neighbor, who has a 12 year old son, a nightly fight over math homework, and a desire to help her son understand a necessary subject better, took the book home and used its principles every night.

She is thoroughly impressed!

One of the largest frustrations she has is that she, herself, does not understand the material enough to adequately explain it to her son.  They fall into the same old argument every night.

“I hate this!  I don’t need it anyway!”

“But you have to do it!”

And then they fight.  She tries to argue him out of his bad mood and he pushes further away.  They get through it but are exhausted and – frankly – looking for excuses not to ever do math homework again.

My neighbor, April, was at her wits end when I took the book over – a copy generously sent for her as well by the author!  She was skeptical – having just had another nightly blow out – but open minded.

She started to read and implement some of its ideas.   The first thing she did was agree with her son on 2 basic points:  It is ok to dislike math and he was right, as Dr. Yaqoob says – he did not need to know ‘this’.  Not really, anyway.  The basic problem solving skills and analytical skills, yes.  But the formulas that needed to be memorized, the terms that would fill his mind for test day and filter out as new things are added, probably not.

She said that the day she sat down and told her son that she agreed with him on those points, he seemed to visibly relax and be more open to talking through the homework with her.

And so it went, she says, for almost 2 weeks.  She, as usual, came across many terms that she did not remember or understand but instead of sliding his textbook over and leafing through it, trying to gain an understanding well enough to help him, she opened What Can I Do to Help My Child With Math When I Don’t Know Any Myself? and found the term in the extensive “Parental Crib Sheet”.  She says this is probably the most helpful and daily useful tool that the book provides!

Homework is still not easy in her house.  But she grabs Dr. Yaqoob’s book every night before she sits down and says she, at least, now feels more confident in helping her son.

There are so many wonderful things about this book.  From talking about how mathematical intuition can be learned to how to break down questions to make them easier to understand.  There is a section for the younger kids and one for the older ones.  From exam strategies to how to intelligently guess the correct answer in a pinch, Dr. Yaqoob covers it all.  There is even an entire chapter with clear advice on how to choose a tutor or tutoring agency, even on a tight budget.

The book is written in plain English and provides easy to understand illustrations.   A plus for me who, despite have a good relationship with math – 15 years ago, will need some clear guidance and tools when the time comes.

I could write for days on the advantages of having this book in your home. And I could write a whole blog piece on the reasons every teacher should have a copy of this book in their classroom!  As well as every school having one in their Libraries!

In this competitive, grades mean everything, standardized world of schooling, students need every advantage they can find to help them navigate into success.  A parent understanding their homework or a teacher understanding the way they learn can make all of the difference.

Even if you do not have a child yet, or yours are grown, do the community a favor and provide this book to your local schools and libraries!  So many can benefit from it!

If you would like to learn more about the book, find helpful worksheets, online resources to guide even the most stubborn student, and video tutorials, plus so much more, please visit  www.HelpYourChildWithMath.com.

Dr. Yaqoob will soon start offering – FREE – “Math Tip of the Day”s and – FREE – a comprehensive math “memory jogger” with working examples for students on his website!  What an amazing opportunity to offer students, teachers, parents and educators!

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What Can I Do to Help My Child with Math When I Don’t Know Any Myself?


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