How is rain made? How does the wind affect the atmosphere? Is there a way to actually make a rainbow? The answer to all of these questions is YES! And the tool to help kids understand the concepts and create them on their own is as simple as the The Magic School Bus Weather Lab, a part of The Young Scientists Club!

The Magic School Bus Weather LabMy girls had some friends over one day and we opened the box and a whole world of science and education that you just can’t get staring at the sky spilled out. The kit comes complete with a school bus that kids can attach the items in the kit to. It also comes with comprehensive cards that show kids how to create experiments, ask questions that make kids think and help you help your kids create everything from rain to a plant growing in a greenhouse.

I talked to the kids about clouds and rain and in the kit is a sponge that acts as the cloud. We talked about how clouds look sort of solid but that they are actually porous and allow the rain to develop and come through. As I went from child to child letting them slowly pour water over the sponge, they were amazing at the water coming through the underside of the ‘cloud’ and the rain being created. Questions about how much rain can come through a cloud to the different shapes and colors of clouds were asked.  Because I was equipped with the cards, I felt like I could help the kids really understand the process.

The Magic School Bus Weather Center

 Next we moved on to creating a weather map and understanding clouds. The kids used the stickers included and the chart inside to decide whether is would be cloudy, rainy or sunny that day. Each little girls picked something and at the end, we had a very erratic weather week! But they loved it and I got to show them the weather man’s predictions on TV and show them how their chart relates!

We have so much more to do. We have to create a cloud in a bottle, create a rainbow, make a tornado in a bottle and so much more! This is a great gift for all year long! The Magic School Bus Weather Center

I think all kids love science and I think that all  moms and dads want their kids to develop a healthy interest in it. So I would HIGHLY recommend the Weather Station and a few hours to spend together talking the experiments through. With as many as there are, you will use the Weather station time and time again. The learning and fun just does not seem to end!

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