If you’re like me you drink a lot of water.  I’ve tried the various water bottles out there, filtered and non filtered, but I’ve never really liked any of them.  That is, until now.  Say hello to the Water Bobble.

The Water BobbleOver the past few months I have made it a mission to drink more water.  I was a HUGE soda drinker but decided I needed to cut way down on my consumption to help me on my journey to become healthier.  The Bobble has become a lifesaver for this.  I can’t stand the taste of water.  I  know a lot of you will argue “water doesn’t have a taste” while others of you may agree with me…the Bobble has helped me with this.  Years ago I used other filtered bottles from large name companies, and they were ok….but I wish the Bobble was around back then!

The Bobble “has an activated carbon filter which has a slight electro-positive charge, making it attractive to chemicals and impurities. As the water passes over the positively charged carbon surface, the negative ions of the contaminants are drawn to the surface of the carbon granules.” The best thing about the carbon filter is that it requires very little maintenance and only needs changed about every 2 months ( or 40 gallons of water).

Allie-1I do work outside of the home and we do have a water cooler in our office with spring water.  I usually don’t drink it, as I don’t like the taste.  I brought my Bobble to work and not only have I consumed more water with this, I, in turn, have saved money because I am no longer buying soda or bottled water instead.  Before using the Bobble, I would often find myself stopping for a soft drink on the way to work, or even going nearly all day without a drink because I don’t like the taste of the water there.

Allie-1-2We have well water at home.  Before the Bobble, it would not be uncommon to see 6 or 7 bottles of water sitting on the counter, and more in the recycling bin.  We all use it here at home.  The kids use it when playing outside, or at their sports practices.  My husband uses it when he is outside doing yard work.  I use it whenever I can get it away from them!  The only ones in the house who haven’t used it yet (that I know of anyway) are the cats!

water bobbleThe Bobble is the best water bottle for on the go that I have ever used.  As a part-time photographer, I’m on the go a lot.  When I’m helping out with weddings I can expect a long day with not many opportunities for a drink.  The Bobble fits perfectly in my camera bag so that it’s closeby whenever I need a sip.  It also is a perfect fit in my car’s cupholder for when I’m enroute or just out for a drive.  Although, I think my favorite feature is the shape.  It fits PERFECTLY in my hand.  Those bottles you buy at the gas station are just so awkward- some are really flimsy and almost crush when you squeeze it, others are very stiff and straight.  The Bobble is contoured for that perfect fit.

So what are you waiting for?  Go purchase your very own Bobble today!

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