**I have extended this giveaway because I want to make sure I have gotten as much information as I can out about this wonderful book and this amazing prize!  ALSO – PLEASE know that 100% of the proceeds of this book earned from sales and at the Houston readings will be DONATED to Children at Risk:  Speaking Out and Driving Change for Children.  Child Trafficking and the fact that it is so profitable makes me ill.  Only funding will help continue the fight!  If you don’t enter, please share this with your friends and families!  Thank you!**

I was sitting at my desk one day, typing my hourly frustrations on Facebook about how my children don’t listen to me.  I even wrote a post about it and poured my heart out asking for any help.

A women commented on my Facebook post and then I got an email in my inbox from her asking if I would like to review a book about a little girl who did not listen to her parents.


I believe that was, coyly, in my email response.

And boy, am I glad that I said yes!

I have now been introduced to Wanda and the Oblahlah’s, one of the most beautifully written and stunningly illustrated books I have ever laid eyes on!  I do not exaggerate for impact here.  It really is a colorful, elegantly told story of a little girl who did not listen to her parents.  Based lovingly on what was once a bedtime story for the author’s little girls.

Thirty years ago!

Wanda is a gum chewer.  She chews gum all day long.  But at night, she is always unhappy because her parents make her throw her gum in the trash before she sleeps.  One night, she does not listen.  Her parents promise that she will be visited by the Oblahlah’s if she does not throw her gum out comes true.  We feel for Wanda as she suffers the consequences of not listening.  And we celebrate as she learns that her parents are not telling her things to hurt her, but to protect her.

My children and I scrolled up and down the computer screen {I have it on file}, relishing in the valuable lesson and amazing illustrations that bring Wanda, her family and her dog, Moldy, to life.  Katie, my oldest, repeating time after time that she will listen because she does not want the Oblahlah’s to visit.   Sarah asking if she could have her room decorated like Wanda’s and Megan just laughing.  She’s 2, it’ a compliment!

I love this book.  There is a charm about it that is missing in some of the “slap together just to get it sold” children’s books out there today.  I can clearly see Joe Sutton’s love for Wanda and his care and imagination as he developed her for his daughters so many years.  I imagine that Wanda was a dear friend to his daughters as he used her to parlay lesson after lesson in a way that they could understand.

I can see Mr. Sutton now, five grandchildren gathered around, anxiously awaiting what can only be defined as classic storytelling, his daughters in the background reliving their youth, grasping every word of these timeless books from their Grandfather.

And I want to teach more with Wanda as well and am glad that this is just the first book to come in a planned series of Wanda stories.

I am truly glad I opened that email and responded so enthusiastically to it.  My enthusiasm has only grown as I have read the book and shared it with my children!

And I am MORE than thrilled to share with you TWO giveaways that author, Joe Sutton, is offering to you!

The first is open in the United States to children’s book lovers everywhere!  But the second is a very special personal reading only open to Houston residents and the surrounding areas!

HOUSTONIANS – CLICK HERE for the post about Upcoming readings in Houston and the Surrounding Areas and to enter for a private reading by Mr. Sutton at your child’s birthday party, Moms Club meeting or other children’s function! 


Wanda and the Oblahlahs is set to be released in September 2011 by Bright Sky Press located ion Houston, TX.  The author is generously donating a  significant amount of the proceeds from this book to help support Children at Risk:  Speaking Out and Driving Change for Children. Children at Risk is an action-focused non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of Texas’ children through strategic research, community education, collaboration and advocacy.

It will also be available when released on Amazon.com.


You can Win a Wanda and the Oblahlah’s Gift Pack before it is released to the public by entering here!


Wanda and the Oblahlah’s Book

A Pack of Sugarless Gum

A Wanda Water Bottle

A Wanda insulated Lunch Bag

Open to US Residents, 18+ ONLY

Giveaway Ends July 27, 2011 at 11:59pmCST


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A sincere and heart felt thank you to Mr. Sutton and his team for introducing my family to Wanda and for these generous giveaways!

** I will receive the book and prize pack as compensation for this post.  I received the book on file for review purposes.  All opinions and writings are 100% mine and can not be reused or duplicated without prior permission.  Please see my full Privacy Policy/ Disclaimer for full Giveaway Guidelines.**