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Believe it or not, I did this all by my lonesome and did not hurt myself at all! I may have to admit that I also sat and stared at the Minions constructing in my children’s library for quite a while when I was done even though my kids are not even home. But I am not sure if I am ready to admit that yet! I AM able to say that Wall-AH! is awesome! At least by my experience, which included adhering said Wall-AH! wall decor to the wall. All by my lonesome. In case you didn’t see that.

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With a little reorganizing, a little measuring and a little patience, I was able to turn the walls in my children’s library from a purple smorgesborg of wall hangings to a place Minions can come to work. Complete with Bob, bananas and the whimsical craziness of these characters, all in one room!

Actually putting the hanging up was actually not too bad. The biggest challenge I had, as a person alone doing it, was that the largest piece folded over on itself – which would not have happened had I not gotten so excited and paid attention – and I had to unstick it from itself. Once I learned the lesson of patience with the first piece, however, the rest of it went up in less than 10 minutes!

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It is recommended that you do not hang these on textured walls but, since I have nothing else in my house, I did adhere it to one. I, personally, don’t see any issue with it and the adhesive attached well. In fact, once I had it all lined up, actually running my hand along the hanging to stick it to the wall was easy!

These highly durable vinyl hangings, and trust me, I put them to the test, are pretty, 3D hangings that really pop in a room. My girls are going to love coming home to see their favorite friends on the wall!

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