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As I continue to try to update my house and make it more colorful and fun, I find fun products that can help.  A while ago I fell in love with wall art, or wall hangings that adhere to a wall. I love that no holes need to be put in my walls, that the colors are vibrant and that they are easy to hang and rehang. So when MyLoview.com reached out, I saw a chance to finally put something fun and colorful in my dining room!

My first thought when I went to the website was that there was no way I was going to be able to choose which one I wanted. Between the amazing black and white photos to the city views to the majestic mountains, there was no end to beauty and creativity added to your space.

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The options are endless. Put that amazing ski jump you always wanted to go to over your bed, thrill airplane enthusiasts with a prop coming through the wall. Dress up the office with a creative, colorful pattern that engulfs the whole wall. Really, any room wall can become a conversation piece in a heartbeat.

I needed help in the kitchen, as I said, so I sorted that way. I then looked for color that would match my walls and pop out of the wall. I wanted it to look ‘framed’, which they can do. I also wanted it to draw you in and entrance you in the piece. So I chose the Retro Cutlery Sketch that is full of conversation and color. I ordered it, had them put the green frame around it on the print and it was shipped right away.

Putting it on the wall was fairly easy. Just make sure you set it out to be flat for a little while once you get it out of the tube. Otherwise it may roll up on you.

Add color and conversation to any wall in your home. ad

I adhered it to the wall by pulling the backing off top to bottom and adjusted it and smoothed it quickly. The entire process probably took less than 10 minutes and the results are really nice.

Check out the entire line of affordable photos and art work on MyLoview.com and give your room the WOW it deserves!