I love, love, love this and I am so excited to tell you why!  Vizardz Personalized 2.5D Photo Lamps are unique, elegant, creative and beautiful. And they are a conversation piece that you will have forever and hand down from generation to generation!

Basically, Vizardz takes a photo of yours – your children, you spouse, your parents, your pet – and they turn them onto 2 dimensional images that, when light is put behind them, turn your photos into beautifully lit, highlighted pieces of art.  They are taking ordinary photos and adding depth and texture to them.

And I have to say, this one one of the most beautiful things I have seen done with photographs probably ever.

The process to get a night light-  perfect of a child’s room – a photo box, an ornament – not just for Christmas any more – and even a 3D Sculpture made with your photo is incredibly easy. 

Go to Vizardz.com and take a moment to check out all of the options you have.  I chose the 2.5D Photo Box and a picture of my eldest daughter that I never want to forget.  I added my photo to the cart and proceeded to check out.  I chose a color photo in the 4×6 frame.  Now, when you do this you can choose a horizontal photo and it will fill the whole box.  Or, you can do like I did and choose a vertical photo and, when created, there are white sidebars.  I liked that style personally for the photo I chose so either one is going to look stunning!

The Back of the Photo with the 2.5D Technology

Once I uploaded my photo and paid, I was done.  It was just that easy!  The hardest part of this entire process is choosing which product in which size you are going to get.

I received my box with my precious Katie in it about a week later.  Considering that these are personalized gifts, made when you order them, I was incredibly impressed with the turn around time.  There is plenty of time to get one of these for Mother’s Day!

The box comes with the light that inserts behind it easily, an open and shut lid on the top and the insert – a surprisingly sturdy card that has the photo in it’s 2.5D texture that simply slides into the front of the box.

The Front of the Vizardz.com Personalized Photo Box Insert

When I turned it on, however, my breath was taken away!  Honestly.  This beautiful photo that stood it’s own on ordinary stock paper being brought to life, highlighting the brightness in my daughters smile, the beauty of the day and the essence of who she is.  I could not take my eyes off of it and still, to this day, walk by and stare.  There is something new that shines through each time the photo is lit up.  And it is just simply gorgeous.

The Insert Slides into the Box with Ease

These are the perfect sentimental gift to give the ones you love.  Your Mother would cherish a photo of her grandchildren.  Your wife will cry when she sees your family so elegantly displayed and your friends will be impressed when they walk in and see your photos in such a new way!  Don’t forget Dad either!  Shhh— I am ordering one for my husband’s desk with all three of my children on it!  He will LOVE it!

Take some time to really look at Vizardz.com and find out why this is so incredible!   I bet you fall in love with yours as much as I have fallen in love with mine!

And because Vizardz.com is so generous, they are offering one (1) of my readers a 4×6 photo box like I received… but with your own photo, of course!  Just click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry below:

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