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As you know, my dogs are part of the family. Piper and Bud are just as important to the girls and I as any friend or family member. They both came to us as rescues and I can not imagine welcoming a dog into this family any other way! Finding awesome food and treats for them is as much a dedication as finding healthy treats for my kids. That’s why I was so excited to learn about NEW Vital Essentials® Freeze-dried Vital Treats!

Vital Essentials® Freeze-dried Vital Treats for Dogs Review

Available in a selection of varieties, like Beef Tripe and Wild Alaskan Salmon, these treats are gobbled up by my dogs.

VE™ starts with fresh, high quality, RAW USDA meats, bones and whole organs. These provide the essential nutrition that dogs instinctively crave as well as being highly palatable to dogs. They never use grains, preservatives, coloring or rendered by-product. Vital Essentials® products are made only from the “right stuff” to support overall health and vitality.

Vital Essentials® Freeze-dried Vital Treats for Dogs Review

The exclusive 48-hour “slow” freeze drying process locks in the vital nutrients without cooking the RAW meat. Fresh, life sustaining nutrients are not lost during this process. VE™ freeze-dried foods need NO refrigeration making them ideal to take anywhere you want to go with your dog.

These treats have been in my home for just a little while but I already know I will have to order more. My pups love them and come running when I open the bag!

As the holiday season approaches, consider giving healthy this year with VE Vital Treats. A recent study reports that more than 50 percent of pet owners include pets in holiday shopping. VE Vital Treats are the perfect stocking stuffer or small gift item for all your favorite furry friends.

Vital Essentials® Freeze-dried Vital Treats for Dogs Review

Sure, most dogs will eat any treat. But why not make the decision to give your dogs as good of treats as you would your kids? Get Vital Essentials® Freeze-dried Vital Treats at your local retailer and online now!

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