It is no secret that we are more and more of a technology family.  We have phones, tablet and even kid geared tablets for ‘screen time’ play when it is allowed.  I thought I knew about it all.

A little while ago, we got something new in the house.  A child’s tablet that is geared towards learning and excelling in a 3D world.  The Vinci Tab M is an easy to use, highly educational device that carries the goal of engaging, empowering and educating children.

Vinci Tab M

VINCI Learning Systems integrate the latest mobile technology, powered by Android, 3D animation and capacitive  touchscreen to engage children in a fun learning experience.

VINCI provides technology-assisted Learning solutions for home and school.  Designed specifically for young children to help them achieve academic success, VINCI education programs, which include award winning VINCI Curriculum and Devices, guides for parents and teachers, allow parents and educators to follow a play-based learning structure to prepare children for a world of challenges and opportunities. The three levels of VINCI Curriculum, including The Curious, The Confident, and The Capable, are especially tailored to accommodate the different aspects of a child’s developing mind by helping her/him build Thinking Skills; Social & Emotional Understanding; Language & Literacy abilities; Math & Logical Reasoning; Science; and General Knowledge. 

So far, I am so impressed with this device that I had contemplated getting another for the family.  Created to grow with your child with three age levels meant to grow with your child.  Level’s 1 through 3 meant to be for kids 1.5 to 9, this colorful, educational device can be your helpful tool to get your kids on track for school.

Vinci Tab M

All of my kids, ages 3 – 6, sit together and play fun games like American Southwest – highlighting the culture and lifestyle of the Southwest  – and count the pins – which is perfect for my 3 year old and number recognition.  Plus, my kids can read along with 3D books on the Vinci Tab M.  And I can hook it up to Wi-Fi and download music on it as well!

I really, really like this tablet and am making more notes as the kids use it and explore all that it does.  So I will be back in a few weeks to tell you even more!

Vinci Tab M

In the meantime, check out the VINCI Tab M and all of the other awesome products on the site!  With this dedication to childhood education, you are bound to find something that you will love to have your kids play with!

**I received this product and the software on it for review purposes only as Child’s Play blogger.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**