Just call me the Wicked Witch of the Suburbs because I am all about bringing out my devilish side with the new collection of Urban Decay Make Up inspired by Oz The Great and Powerful, the new highly anticipated blockbuster from Disney.

Urban Decay #DisneyOzEvent

I will be strolling the Red Carpet at the Premier in Los Angeles this month and was struggling in what to wear and how to make up my face appropriately.  How fitting is it that I get to copy the same make up and technique Glinda or Theodora wore in the movie?

Urban Decay has created these awe inspiring pallets that include eyes make up, glide-on eye pencil and bold and easy to apply Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color that can help you be good, sweet and innocent like Glinda or spiteful, bold and devious like Theodora.  I’ve been feeling a little brazen lately so I chose to see if I could turn myself into the beautiful witch that everyone will love to hate like Mila Kunis does in the movie.

Urban Decay #DisneyOzEvent

Now, I am not a make up kind of girl.  I have always stayed with mute colors that compliment my eyes and have the no make up look when I am done.  So this dive into rich, deep colors was fun and new to me.  Luckily, there was a step by step guide in the box that helped me transform myself.

Applying the eye shadow, the glide-on eye pencil – which really does just glide on, and then drawing on the shiney, rich red for my lips was a blast!  What do you think?  Could I be the Wicked Witch of the West?

UranDecay #DisneyOzEvent

Now that I have my ‘look’ I am inspired to find a dress that will compliment the look.

Change your moods from good to evil on a whim with these inclusive make-up packs from Urban Decay!  Order them on the Urban Decay Website now!  These are perfect for those of us who love a look and don’t know how to get it, too!  Sometimes, a little instruction goes a long way!

See Oz the Great and Powerful in theaters March 8, 2013 and follow me and the other bloggers attending the premier on Twitter at #DisneyOzEvent.


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Urban Decay #DisneyOzEvent

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