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UNICEF Kid Power Band are a holiday must have

I have been wanting to share about UNICEF Kid Power Band for  a while now and keep getting sidetracked. But now that the holidays are here, these are a MUST for a Holiday Gift Guide. I am going to use stock imagery because I need you to know about these so please forgive me. Plus, my girls have them on at school so I can’t get pictures right now anyway!

Here are 5 things I LOVE about this version of a FitBit for kids but that does SO much more:

The basic premise is that the UNICEF Kid Power Band earns meals for kids all over the world based on the steps your kids take. So you link it to your phone, I have an iPhone it works on, sync each band to the family account and then it is ready to go. For every so many steps, a food packet is unlocked for a malnourished child in a country that needs them most! I LOVE this but more importantly, my kids love it because they imagine which child gets the meal.

Help kids feed kids who need it with the UNICEF Kid Power Band

The kids can go on missions to other countries and learn more about them. From Star Wars to a girls specific mission to lean about girls and education in Afghanistan, the adventures never end. Kids can choose a mission and they earn their trip with activity. On the UNICEF Kid Power Band is an airplane that helps them track how close they are to completing the mission. Then they can go on the app and learn more about it. It really is awesome.

It gets kids moving. Kids are natural carers so giving them a task of earning a meal pack or going on a mission is motivating. Their UNICEF Kid Power Band beeps and vibrates as they go thorough the day. As a mom, I don’t want anything messing with school but this is so discreet it never does! The teachers are as interested in them as the kids!

Use the App to track and play with the UNICEF Kid Power Band

They are kids proof! My kids have dropped them on the ground, hit them up against the wall and have basically treated them like kids treat things. They are holding up well despite that and I have not had to replace even one!

They teach kids that the world is larger than theirs. My kids have a clear understanding that, as they refuse 50% of their meals, some kids won’t get one tonight. But if they take the time to walk and be active and to be involved, in even a small way, they can help people that they don’t even know! I love any encouraging device that helps kids learn to love beyond their circle!

The UNICEF Kid Power Band is more than an exercise tracker

I highly, highly recommend the UNICEF Power Band for kids. I love everything about it!