Sometimes I get things to check and review and I wonder if they are going to live up to their hype.  A lot of kid friendly apps throw me for a loop sometimes.  They seem like they are going to be fun and then I find out that I spend more times setting them up for the kids then they do playing with it.


But Ubooly is one that actually entertains my kids without much interaction from me!  AND it comes with an adorable soft and fun Ubooly doll that protects my phone if the kids accidentally drop it! can be downloaded to your iPhone and iPod under UBOOLY PET.  When you purchase the soft, orange toy that holds your phone and get it in the mail – quickly, I might add – you get a code to wake up your Ubooly for free.  Once he wakes up your kids can tell him that they want to hear a story, play a game or even hear a joke!

My two little ones LOVE this app!  Especially since it is easy to carry, talk to and interact with.  Literally, they just talk to the phone and it answers!  Yesterday, my middle daughter asked for facts and learned all kinds of great things about the Earth!  My little one played True or False and learned all about monkeys.  She laughed and loved it!

Check out this short video of my daughter playing with it!

There is even a “would you rather” option that asks the kids things like “Would you rather have Xray vision or 6 eyes?”  My kids laughed at the crazy things Ubooly came up with!

Another thing they did was go exploring with Ubooly!  He told them to find a red button and they searched the house for one.  So they Ubooly has them walk around and find great stuff to do!

As they continue to play and learn they can unlock more activities.  Really, this is a GREAT little app and toy for my kids who are all ages 3 – 6.  They love him, carry him, talk to him, hear stories from him and interact with him.  This will be perfect for those long road trips too!

You can order your Ubooly at and get the links to download the app!

And – Enter the Giveaway on the page!  If you don’t want to wait to win this awesome toy, order one at a discount fro only $20!  I think that is a pretty good deal myself!  Especially since I know my $500 phone will be safe inside!


I received this product for review as a Happy Freebies VIB Blogger.  All writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Page for more information.  

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