Get Up! Get moving and Get excited! The NEW Twister Dance Rave is here and you will LOVE it! One to two players can dance their way to the top in this energetic new game from Hasbro.  Use your OWN music by connecting your MP3 player to groove your to your own style of music while learning new moves! How much fun is this game?!

twister dance rave

This game is awesome! It is for ages 8+ but my kids (and I) had a total blast jumping from dot to dot learning to dance to today’s hottest songs!

My girls and I had an absolute blast making up our own freestyle dance moves while enjoying some of our favorite songs! There are also some fantastic preloaded songs that really get your heart pumping to the jams! Brittany Spears, Selena Gomez and so many more are preprogrammed in. Step on the colored pads to keep up the rhythm and you’ll find yourself laughing as you become the “dancing queen!”

Check it out:

The speaker system is pretty darn good quality while providing loud tunes for the girls to really make some wonderful dancing memories! We have just really enjoyed this game as a family, and plan to keep it around for our “girls night” fun!

The colored lights add some flair as we all dance around! What a super game to play with dim lighting, even the dogs lifted their heads in amazement… The girls squealed with delight as they try to stay on the colors and make their own moves.

My girls are amazing at this enjoyable game and I think they will be a step above next time we are presented with a chance to show off our new moves!  If I had an MP3 Player, I could pug it into the Twister Dance Rave and dance to my own tunes! How cool is that?!?

twister dance rave

The girls are already planning a sleep over for their friends to play Twister Dance Rave.  We love games; this interactive game makes parenting not only an easy choice, but a fun decision as well.  It encourages children (and adults) to go beyond regular play by including exercise as a treat.

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