Getting my kids to clean up is a chore in itself. My oldest gets it and cleans up without even being told. My middle daughter will do it if told but my youngest will only clean up if threats are given!  So anything that encourages her to clean up is a wonderful thing! Enter Tummy Stuffers and the toy that she thinks is fun but is actually a benefit to my finding my floors again!

Tummy Stuffers Help Kids Clean Up

Tummy Stuffers are a super cute toy that is a ‘bag’ of sorts for toys and more to be stuffed. I am actually surprised at how much it can hold! My Megan grabbed it and began stuffing it with markers, toys, dolls and more. She then had a fun ‘stuffed’ animal to carry around!

Tummy Stuffers Help Kids Clean Up

The Tummy Stuffer is as fun and useful as the commercials say!  In fact, I am considering getting two more and using the hook on the back to line them up on a wall so the kids can stuff them and keep the smaller toys off my floor!

Tummy Stuffers Help Kids Clean Up

Jay at Play is the creator of Tummy Stuffers along with other great items! Just check out more below:

Jam with J-Animals!

Tummy Stuffers Help Kids Clean Up

Each of the irresistible new “wearable stuffed animals” in the J-Animals collection transforms from a fuzzy friend into an incredible one piece “wearable stuffed animal” that kids of all ages bring to life! And when it’s time to put the suit away, J-Animals simply roll right up into a conveniently compact, pillow-like plush pal. A perfect fit for slumber parties, sleep-away camp and just lounging around the house, the all-new J-Animals “zoo” features five of today’s hottest character styles: a su-purr Cat, zany Zebra, paw-sitively awesome Dog, groovy Giraffe and magical Unicorn! SRP $29.99 each

Uncurl HideAway Pets!

Tummy Stuffers Help Kids Clean Up

HideAway Pets are snuggable, huggable friends that snap open to play, and when it’s time for bed or a nap, they curl up and hide away – doing double duty as the perfect pillow! The adorable new assortment features six different 15” cuddly characters – kids can collect them all! – each with their own “Adventure Card” with their name and a fun fact about them. The super-soft styles include the doggone adorable Siberian Husky, positively purr-fect Persian Kitten, roarsome (but never fierce!) African Lion, warm and fuzzy Snow Monkey, very handsome Hedgehog and absolutely lovable Lop Eared Bunny. So what do kids get with a HideAway Pet? A cuddly best friend and comfy pillow all in one! SRP $19.99 each.

Add to that the Tummy Stuffers and you have toys that will not only help your kids clean up, but also use their imagination and play skills to their fullest!

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