This time of year leaves parents grasping for toy ideas that will really bring a smile to those sweet little faces.  My son is becoming harder to figure out, and I have been at a loss as to what will brighten his day for the holidays.  We spend countless hours working on arts & crafts in my home, and he loves to build just about anything.  Transformers Construct Bots hit the nail on the head with their “construct and customize” new line for kids!


We decided to try out these two sets of Transformers Construct Bots… let me rephrase, my son constructed these Transformers in the time it took me to make dinner.  He was super excited to work on them and studied each page of the directions with a few minor customizing details.  Proudly, he stood up to present his custom made toy with a grin a mile wide across his beaming little face!  Immediately, I realized the value in such a custom toy, one that he will properly store and make sure it does not get broken or destroyed.


It was nearing our evening bath, bed routine so he was not very happy when I told him we would have to wait until the next night to complete the even larger Transformer Construct Bots Elite toy.  If you are looking for holiday or birthday gift ideas, these custom Transformers are perfect!  I do not a single boy that would not rave over having their own handmade toy!  It is a confidence booster that shows children that they can make a great toy with their own hands.  I love that Transformers Construct Bots allow children to use their imagination to create a custom toy and I would not have a problem buying these toys for every birthday celebration that we attend!


 The Transformer Construct Bots Elite was bigger and a bit more intense as far as the construction.  My son loves the challenge, but also follows the directions easily to get him started. He really enjoyed this one and could not wait for me to take pictures so he could start playing right away. I was super impressed with his ability to put both of these Transformers together with zero help from me.  These could not be better for his age group.  Anything that he can build is a winner and when his final product is a HOT Toy, there are no better options in my opinion!

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