I reviewed Totino’s Pizza Stuffers a month or so ago and gave away some FREE product coupons!  Well, I am THRILLED to be able to give more FREE Coupons away!

BUT, these are different!

3 WINNERS will win a coupon pack with 7 FREE Totino’s Pizza Stuffers Product Coupons inside!  Yes, a value worth $31.50 each!

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My review:

We love Totino’s Pizza here.   My husband especially.  He’ll heat one up and devour it in minutes.  And we love the little Pizza rolls too.  They make a great lunch for the kids.

And now, Totino’s has a new product available with the same great taste as their pizzas and rolls, but in an easy to carry, perfect for after school snacking “container”.

Totino’s Pizza Stuffers are the answer to folding up your Totino’s Pizza and taking it with you… only a lot less messy!  Available in cheese, pepperoni and combination flavors, I got to try the cheese stuffers and pepperoni stuffers.  And by I, I mean my kids, my husband and my nephew!

The Stuffers can be found in your grocers freezer section.  Since they are new, they are probably on an end cap!

Ready in as little as 2.5 minutes in the microwave, they are an easy snack for kids to heat up.  And they taste pretty darn good as well!  My nephew, especially, a college student, ate them up and commented that they would be great snacks during a marathon study session!

I stole a bite from my husbands and they are pretty tasty!

Next time you are at your grocery store, pick up some Totino’s Pizza Stuffers for your hungry kids!

And, thanks to Totino’s, 2 winners here will WIN 2 Coupons for a FREE Box Each!! THREE (3) winner will recieve a pack of FREE Totino’s Pizza Stuffer’s Coupons that include 7 coupons each!

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