Get ready to OOH and AAH at the awesome stuff that TopTrenz.com offers! I, personally, knowing what is in stores and available for my kids to deck themselves out in, am impressed with the quality, options and FUN that this website has to offer!

Top Trenz

Moms of girls, ages 4 and up, will LOVE the fashion, apparel and accessories available for dressing in super trendy style. Not only that, you can choose how you want your Tie Dye bag, dress, shirt, or other accessory blinged out!

My girls did the excited, happy dance when we received the Undee Bandz by Top Trenz Tie Die Tote, three Tie Dye Sling Bags, a Tie Dye Wet Wristlet Bag, three The Tie Dye Tank Top Dresses and the cutest blinged out hair accessories I have seen in a while!

Seriously, these things are TOP in our house right now!

All of our items came with awesome bling like hearts, peace signs and smiley faces. The ‘bling’ on most items can be chosen by you. And you can stack images to make a fun design, like they did on ours. With this type of personalization, your daughter can be unique among her siblings and friends!

Here is what I, as a mom of daughters, LOVE about these products:

QUALITY: There are lot of ‘novelty’ type apparel and accessories on the market. Most I don’t waste my time on because I can tell from the feel that they won’t last a day in a house with three little girls. The seams are poorly sewn, the material is flimsy or the decoration on the item will clearly come off in a heartbeat.

Top Trenz items are solid! The tee dresses are thick, extremely well made and are withstanding playtime, washing – over and over and over again – and always retain their shape and bright, vibrant colors. In fact, the material on the dresses are so think that I checked to see if it was double layered.

The sling bags are made of a sturdy denim, not a flimsy vinyl or pillow case material. My kids cram these bags full of books, toys, art supplies and more and they with stand the tugging and pulling on the strings with no issue.

Top Trenz

The large tote bag is mine. Yep, you heard me correctly. This 40 year old woman wants this bag! It is AWESOME! It has pockets for everything, is super well made – even LINED – and fits over my shoulder with ease. This would have made the perfect diaper bag, in my opinion! Right now, I use it to haul pool stuff and it handles everything with ease. It is one of the best made bags I have seen in a while!

PRICE: These items are not the under $10 set. But for the quality you get – the lasting materials, the ability to handle daily life with ease, and the creative design – it will make the money spent seem super low. I am not kidding. I would have paid way more for these dresses than they are charging! They are that durable!

STYLE: There is something that shines in a persons eye when they have something that makes them feel sassy and stylish. My girls walk around with confidence, feeling like they have something really unique, when they wear these clothes and accessories. I love it! You guys know what I mean. That, ‘I am soooo cool’ attitude that mixes with adorable that little girls want to feel unique. These items, from the hair accessories to the bags, give them the individuality and style they crave!

Top Trenz