I have had the great privileged of having professional trainers in my house for the last month.   They are great!  Tough, educational, motivating and fun to follow.  The only thing actually lacking is their ability to take my kids away long enough for me to get into a routine so this work out program can make me a svelte hottie!

This 10 disc (11 because of the bonus Yoga DVD) Work Out set is a mixture of dance, cardio, kickboxing and so much more.  The work outs target your abs, thighs, core and hiney!  And I have done all 11 of the sessions.  They are super addicting!  My favorite is the Latin dance!  I just have not been able to do them all in a row yet… you know, where it will actually do me some good?  But every day I get up and WANT to do them again! 

But I have  had an excuse…  little, under my feet, demanding children.  But now, kindergarten and preschool have started.  So now, I plan on this being my A1 work out plan. And since they give me a nice little calendar of what DVD to do on what day, I have no more excuses!

Let me take your through what is so unique and awesome about Top Trainers 10 DVD work out program to get your Healthy Fit Body!   First of all, all 10 DVD’s have a different trainer and goal in mind!  Using the “Blend” method, these workout DVD’s focus on more than just yoga or toning.  The 10 discs are all different types of work outs taught by the top experts in the industry.  You can’t get bored because tomorrow is a whole new workout with a whole new trainer!

Literally, it is like having 10 personal trainers in my house!  And now that school is in session, I will be making them make me sweat.

Another great thing about this set, besides the fact that is comes WITH a resistance band, a free month to eDiets, a Fitness Guide and a the Free Yoga for Weight Loss DVD, is that is ALSO comes with a 60 day work out wall calendar!  Each day has the DVD you should do, the time it takes, and who your trainer is that day.  It even marks your rest days.

I am SO SO SO excited to give this a serious go!  I did all 11 DVD’s and could have done a few of them all day long!  Now that I only have 2 at home most days, I know I can actually stick with it and get this body healthy once and for all!

So check with me in a week, 30 days and then in 60 days and ask me how I am doing!  Because now that the craziness of summer is over, I am going to finally be able to feed my new addiction in these DVD’s and get ‘er done!

Want to have the Top Trainers come to your house too?   Head over to HealthyFitBodies.com and order yours now!  And then come join me as I get serious and start to work the pounds off with my own personal trainers right in my house!

I KNOW it will work… how can it not?

**I received this DVD set for review purposes only.  My opinions and writings are 100% my own.  please see my Disclaimers page for more information.**