There are a lot of companies out there with great products, easy to use websites, and fast delivery.  But the more I order online, stumble upon one issue or another, and communicate with the company I am dealing with, the more I wonder what happened to good old customer service.  Because with the anonymity of the computer screen can come a disassociation with customers.

And then sometimes, despite the pixels between you, a company has everything one desires in a quality site.  An awesome product, a website that leaves no questions on how to complete a request, really great delivery, and above the rest customer service.

And that is what you will find in

The CEO of the company sent out an email.  You’ve seen them.  The blast emails thanking you for using their website and then a note to let them know if you have any suggestions or comments to make it better.  If I have actually used the site and can offer valuable feedback, I respond… with the good, the bad, and the ugly. But Ed Han, the CEO of is the only one I have ever heard back from.

And he was grateful – grateful! – for my feedback.  I had just ordered some calendars from the site and though I had a wonderful experience and received them in no time, I had one small suggestion.  I heard back from Mr. Han within minutes!  When does that ever happen?

And so he proved that customer service in his company is more than just a person behind a desk, with a headset on, typing back stock answers to anyone who should need help or have an idea!

Because I  was so impressed, I was thrilled to do my Valentine’s Card with  The hardest part was which design to use!  I love having the variety of unique, innovative designs to choose from!  And I could have chosen romantic or humorous greeting cards, some with places for pictures.  I could have chosen a card for him – ooh lala – cards for the kids classrooms, or even cards to send to the other children in our life!  With so many options, there is a choice for everyone!  I chose a greeting card with the kids and a small note!

I have now done my Christmas cards, my annual calendars, my third daughter’s baby photo book, and my Valentine’s cards with!  And I am always thrilled with the complete ease of choosing a card, adding photos to it, editing those photos, and checking out.

The high quality of their products, the speed in which they deliver – often before the “due date” – and the customer service I receive every time is upon the best out there!  As a result, I am certainly having process my Easter cards.  I can not wait!

Everyone should have on their short list of websites to use for their photo printing needs.  They offer photo books, calendars, invitations, greeting cards, stationary, and on an on.  It is obvious that they take great pride in the products they offer and clearly appreciate every customer!

I highly, highly, highly, recommend for all of your photo and high end printing needs!

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**I received the photo cards pictured within for the purpose of review.  Your experience with the website or products within may differ from mine.  The opinions and comments within this post are property of and may not be reused without prior permission.**