About a year ago I was lucky enough to find out that TinyPrints.com printed business cards.  Not only was I super excited that I could trust yet another of my printing projects to TinyPrints.com, but I was thrilled that there were so many choices and options for cards.

None of this has changed.  This entire year, when I need business cards, I go to TinyPrints.com!  And from the reaction I get whenever I hand out one of my folded business cards, I know that I picked the perfect place to get them!

My business cards stand out in a crowd and everyone sees that.  And with so many options, yours can too!  Think about all of the cards that will be handed out at blogger conferences this year!  You’ll need one that stands out if you are going to one!

TinyPrints.com’s business card options let you do standard things like add your logo, photos and information.  You can choose your color, create a custom card, choose writing on the back and so forth.  The real difference between TinyPrints.com’s business cards and other print shops is the creativity that you can put into them and the unique styles available.

Like I said before, I chose a folded style business card for mine.  Because I write a blog I wanted lots of room for my button and my photo and my information.  The folded style let’s my logo be the presentation of the card and my photo and pertinent information be on the inside.  Not only does the folded style protect my inside information from scratches and such, my card stands out in the stack that someone would gather at a conference, business meeting or product event where a lot of cards are being handed around.  Plus, I got to choose my color on the inside of the card to match my blog and it just makes an impact – thus making them remember me.  Which really is the whole point of business cards, right?

The square business cards that Tiny Prints has are also unique in their shape and causes them to stand out.  Because of the shape you can add your own personal flair nice and large on the card and the shape lets is be noticed in the stack!  These 2.5 x 2.5 cards can be printed back and front, accept your logo, photo, color and design of your choice.  You really can make these cards one of a kind!

Let’s face it though, business cards can be gotten a lot of places for a variety of prices.  What I really like about TinyPrints.com’s business cards, and all of their products for that matter, is the high quality, consistent excellent service and unique variety.  These cards will make an impression.  And I bet you’ll smile just a little wider when you get these in your mailbox!

Take a moment to browse around the business cards section of TinyPrints.com!  Let me know which ones you like for your business card, event card or even mommy calling card!

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