Are you headed to a blogging conference this summer? Do you have your promotional materials ready? I would say the number one item you MUST have on hand is creative, unique, attention grabbing business card!

Tiny Prints, one of my favorite photo and printing sites, does Business Cards! Did you know that?

I have never been to a blogging conference but am actively seeking sponsors so I may go to one. But I have often planned in my head, should I get to go to one, how I would ever keep up with all of the people I meet and the business cards I receive – and hand out?

Throwing them in my purse is really not an option, and besides, the ones I receive will just fall out when I take mine out.

And I can not really carry around a binder or shoe box!

So, I think I will go digital!

I will have a compartment in my purse for cards I get, and one for the ones I hand out.  But to be sure I don’t lose any, I think I will use my trusty Smartphone camera and snap pictures of the cards I get!

I know I will not lose my phone, that is permanently attached to me now, so neither will I lose a card!

Plus, after snapping the photo of the card, I can email it to myself with reminders of which person I met that goes with each card!

No more awkward emails about how I loved the story of your daughter when you only have sons!

This I have done!

And when I get home with my stash of business cards from companies, bloggers, and sponsors, I will put them in my card binder and have the paper copy as well!

Come on, that is brilliant right?  Brilliant enough for someone to send me to a conference to test it out?!?

Hey, a girl has to try, right?

While I am waiting on my magical sponsor, however, I will be designing and having my new business cards done by!

Already having been a recipient of products, I know the high quality, unique charm that the company brings to each project and I am excited to see what they can do to help me advertise my blog thorough my 50 Business cards!

Do YOU want to talk about business cards on your blog and get 50 FREE of your own?

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