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I think all children need to understand that there is a world outside of the one they know. With school and other obligations, it is hard to pick up and go to places like China. But with books like This is the Greatest Place!, kids can explore and understand Ancient China with new friends that are between the pages.

This is the Greatest Place Book Review & Giveaway #GiftGuide2014

I love this wonderful concept that the China Institute in America is adapting to colorful pages. The oldest American organization devoted exclusively to China, it has created a cross-cultural learning experience and new book series based on the Forbidden City. The second book in the series, In The Forbidden City is for ages 9 and up and just as beautifully done. In fact, Amazon has it listed as one of the best books of 2014!

The one we have is a child’s educational dream. This is the Greatest Place! offers kids new friends in Rabbit, Young Porcupine and Little Brother Panda and more that want to help a master builder create a great palace for the Emperor of China. As a team, they learn about nature and how it supplies us with the wonders that allow us to love and thrive.

The kids learn how animal use the Earth to gain the resources they need. Like digging a long tunnel to guide water to the place where they can plant lilies and have goldfish in the palace. And how the dirt from that tunnel will be used to create a hill behind the palace, blocking howling winds and providing the perfect perch to admire the world on a sunny day.

This is the Greatest Place Book Review & Giveaway #GiftGuide2014

I love the message this books sends and the lessons it teaches kids. My oldest reads it to the youngest and my middle one curls up to enjoy the story.

Pick up both of these books at your nearest bookstore or online.

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