I have a confession.  I was not born with a green thumb.  In fact, if it is green, I generally kill it.  My parents – who are master gardeners – are so confused as to how I did not pick any of their skill up at all.

But I love plants and I want to beautiful, living things growing all around me!

The Soothing Company offers thousands of soothing products for your home and garden.   Everything from outdoor fountains to bonsai trees to a wall mounted fireplace.

Bonsai Trees have long been a favorite of those of us who have no idea how to make a plant grow.  So when I was offered the beautiful Small Bonsai Gardenia Tree from The Soothing Company, I was all over it.  I was bound and determined to get this thing to grow and flourish and decorate my back patio with style!

The Soothing Company

When it arrived I was anxious to see how it looks coming straight out of the package.  I was amazing that it was instantly ready to display!  It has a beautiful porcelain base and the tree was healthy and green and so pretty! I have had it a few months now and have willed it to bloom with water every day and the perfect spot on the patio.  But, it turns out, it is not time for it to bloom so I could have told you about this months ago!

The Bonsai seems very slow growing, which I like but – even when neglected – is green and healthy looking.  And when I do get it to bloom, I’ll share that picture with you too!  Right now, I’ll have to show you stock photo though!

The Soothing Company

This beautiful and low maintenance Bonsai Garndenia Tree has me convinced that I can care for a plant!

I love this website!  I am currently stalking for a wall mounted fireplace.  I mean, how cool are those?  And since we are going to be outside a lot this summer, I really want an outdoor fountain!!  Maybe soon!