It is never, ever, EVER too early to teach kids about the amazing world of Science and how it can enhance their lives.  And when a friend, like Clifford, can help them learn amazing things – you know he is 50 in human years now, right? – why not introduce your kids to this vast world?

Clifford Science Kits

The Young Scientists Club is ready and willing to help your little one learn how to use a pipette, measure and mix with favorite characters like Clifford and Ms. Frizzle.  If you don’t know Ms. Frizzle, you should!  Check out this DVD I reviewed and LOVE!

I love all of these kits.  From the Young Scientists series to the Adventure Science Series, there is a kit for everyone!  Help your kids discover bubbles, rainbows and more and watch their imagination soar as they create amazing things!

Dogs love to chase bubbles, so who better to teach children about the intriguing science behind these soapy spheres than Clifford in the Bubble Science kit.  Young Scientists will feel like real scientists when they use the Rainbow Science kit’s colorful lab tray, measuring cup, test tubes, pipette, and funnel to perform their experiments.  If you’re still craving more fun with the Big Red Dog and heaping helping of more science, just head to the kitchen for a snack and to get started on the Kitchen Science kit; featuring an exploding Volcano!

With the kitchen fully in post-science shambles, kids can head outside with Ms. Frizzle to learn about how the weather works with the Weather Lab and The Wonders of Nature kit. Young Scientists get to spin a pinwheel, make a tornado in a bottle, swirl a paper snake, recreate the water cycle, create a rain cloud, use a sundial, construct a barometer, catch a rainbow, and learn about the greenhouse effect.

My girls were lucky enough to get the Rainbow Science Kit and we have had soooo much fun with it!  They learned to make rainbow book marks, LOVED pouring oil and water into the test tubes to see the rainbow bubbles and so, SO much more.  We are still doing activities and science to this day.

Clifford Science Kits

The kits are comprehensive, easy to use and store and the instructions are super easy to read.  The kit contains all of the things you need to measure, create and learn.  Just add a few things from your home to make the experiments complete!

These are AWESOME and fun and educational and none of them include a TV!

Help your kids get the science bug with the new Clifford and Ms. Frizzle kits from The Young Scientists Club!  You will be so glad you did!

And because every child should have a chance to learn, (1) of my readers will WIN a Clifford or Ms. Frizzle Kit of their own!  Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

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