I am proud to be 40!  I am!  I see every year, every decade and every milestone as an accomplishment in my life.  You will never hear me lie about my age.  Rather, I boast about it.  Truly, I should not have made 40 with some of the decisions I have made, but I did and I am proud of it!

Along with that age comes some things I did not expect, however.  Like really, REALLY dry skin, new ‘crowsfeet’ and the inability to cover popping up dark spots with make up.  But never being a skin care, make up, girlie girl, I had no idea how to fix my skin so that it could return to the beauty of my 30’s.  Oh shoot, I am a woman, I want my 20’s skin back!

The Skin Regime

About a month ago – yes, it takes me a month to read a book anymore – I received a phone call from Dana Ramos, the energetic author of The Skin Regime  Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin.    She and I talked for a while about my skin and how I did not think that mine was that bad – uhhhh – and we decided that, despite my feelings, I would go through her acclaimed program and see if I could improve my skin  and restore some of it’s natural beauty!

Now, I have to say, the book that is the direction for all things improve your skin, is a very easy read.  I just… well… am slow.  So it should take just a day or two to read it.  Ignore my poor time  management skills that had me taking it so slow.

What I like about this book is that it is written by a woman who fought her skin from day one to get it smooth, youthful looking and dewy.  This is not a manufactured book written by a team of men in white coats who have decided that they know women’s skin better than we do.   Dana is real.  I know, I talked to her for an hour!

The Skin Regime is a book that talks about the truth.  You can have beautiful skin without spending a lot of money.  Beautiful skin is about the ingredients, not the fancy bottles.   Dana spells out in crystal clear terms how to do a skin peel – an important part of regenerating your skin – the importance of listening to your skin and the absolutely necessity of reading labels and directions before you start doing peels!  Also, and I know I was shocked to see this, the other products that can help rejuvenate your skin are simple and easy to find.  Like Dove soaps and Lubriderm lotions.

The Skin Regime

As I read through the book and learned as much as I could about peels, how to do peels, how to protect my skin when doing a peel, the fact that this is a NOT a regime for women who are pregnant or expecting to be pregnant, I started to relax about the program that Dana has put me on.  She writes so directly and so honestly, that is is crystal clear that she knows what she is talking about.  And I love that she also includes make up tips, how to get rid of dark circles and more useful, every day tips in the book as well.  No need to go buy a follow up book. It is all here!

So come back, week after week and see how my skin improves!  There will even be a giveaway for YOU when I get close to the end!  I have to test it out for your guys, after all.

I mean, come on, the woman who can do this for the Tanning Mom below surely can help my 40 year old skin return to beautiful glory!

The Skin Regime

**I received the book and products to facilitate this review.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Document for more information.**