Five star rated novels deserve to be talked about.  Five star rated novels that take their readers on an adventure that includes lessons in courage, trust and determination, deserve to be talked about in the grandest of fashions for all to know about!

I adore The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin, A Novel for Kids {but really adults too} by John Burns,  and am so glad to say that my children love him too!

His story starts in the traditional – well, Penguin – way.  His mother Beatrice births him and his father, Fred, protects him from the cold as he grows in his egg and his mother leaves to go find fish and Krill to eat.  His father huddles with the other dads and tell stories to their young and what they hope they will become.  Pengey’s father is enthusiastic both in singing and storytelling. Listening from inside his egg, Pengey decides his father is a terrible singer but a wonderful story teller.

When Beatrice does not return to feed Pengey, Fred must leave his son to find food. With Pengey now alone he asks for food from the other Penguins. But they are desperate to have enough food to feed their own chicks. With no help from the colony Pengey decides to venture out lest he die of starvation.

And thus his adventure begins.

Good fortune finds Pengey enough food to eat for a few days, but his luck changes when the food is gone. He has to find more.  So he searches without luck on his side and he looks frailer by the day until Wendy, a human, find him and nurses him back to health.

And then his adventures begin again when she leaves him in Antarctica and heads home to New York City!  Alone again, Pengey is forced to try it make it on his own.  With no mom and dad, no colony to keep him warm and no kind human to cut up fish for him to eat.

But do not feel sad for Pengey Penguin!  This littlest penguin will persevere through it all!  He’ll fly on an airplane, learn to talk, fly through a hurricane and more.  He’ll swim in a fish tank, eat Wasabi, make friends with other animals and will teach everyone around him that talking Penguins are polite, well mannered and full of courage!

But I did not write this book, John Burns did.  So I’ll let his words tell you the rest of The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin.  I do not have the talent, nor the imagination to share the warmth and adoration of this exquisitely told tale like he does.

This books is charming, heartbreaking, heartwarming, endearing and a classic in the making.  I am in love with Pengey and want to put him in my backpack and save him from the cruel realities of life.

A character driven story told from the heart, The Many Adventures of Pengey Penguin will be a family favorite for years to come!

Download it now to your Kindle, and Nook.  If you don’t have a Kindle or Nook {I don’t}, you can download it on your Blackberry, iPhone, Windows PC, Mac, Android, and Windows 7 Phone using your FREE Kindle Reading Apps.

Now, thanks to the wonderful author and people who I am trying to help get the word out about this book, both the eBook and the hard cover, you get to enter to win a download of this wonderful book!

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*The winner can choose to receive the hardcover book.  However, it is 23 pages less {and you will want more penguin, I promise} and was published in 2005.  So you will not get the whole story in the hard cover, which has not been updated with the latest adventures.  But, I do not want to exclude any readers so ultimately, it is your choice!

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