There is nothing more fun then opening up a present and finding a ton of little presents inside!  At least not for me!  I love the element of surprise, the anticipation and the action of reaching into a bag time and time again and pulling out something fantastic! understand this excitement and has creatively come up with a fun idea to help you, as a mom, or a friend or family member get that never ending bag of goodies!

Basically, you purchase a ‘bundle’ of your choice.  They offer The Baby Bundle, The Mama Bundle and The Preschool Bundle.  You don’t know what is in it – how fun is THAT?! – but you can rest assured that the products, coupons, gift cards and other goodies inside will at least match, if not exceed the $30 price tag!  In fact, bundles include $50 or more in merchandise!  This is a GREAT way to test new products before you buy them!

Want to see me open my bag for the first time?  Check it out!  (Ignore my hair- we’ve been traveling all day! LOL)

I received the following products in my Mama Bundle: Sweet and Spicy Chai – perfect for a rub for chicken! I can not wait to try it!

– Style up Your Cup from Hot Joe Jacket – my coffee has never looked so good!

Balmshot Beeswax Lip Balm – the Cool Mint flavor is really refreshing!

– instead Softcup 12 Hour Period Protection – this looks very interesting!

– $10 Gift Cetificate to Chloe Addison Designs – her stuff looks adorable!

– a Wool Dryer Ball by Nurtured Sew Naturally – reusable dryer balls that absorbn moisture and help your clothes dry faster!

Toe Juice – a remoisturizing foot liquid that helps repair cracked feet!

Redmond Clay – an at home, natural remedy for your digestive health needs from!

Lemi Shine Machine Cleaner – Clean your Dishwasher, Washing Machine and Disposal with a fresh lemon scent!

– 50% Gift Code from FanPlastic! – this site has fun jewelry and accessories! And to clarify, when I opened the bag and found the pretty green round piece, it said baby bottle so I jumped to conclusions and assumed it was for a bottle.  I was wrong! It is a key chain made of recycled baby bottles!  How incredibly cool is that?!?!

– a $10 gift card to – Cute nursing pads that are reusable!

– and, of course, a fun reusable bag!

As you can see, the products are all useful and new to me so I am excited to try them out!  And they are worth at least $50 as promised!  And I love that there are a lot I have not heard of and a lot that I have and have wanted to try but have not!

So, if you are looking for the perfect way to try new products or that fun, creative, never ending gift for the new mom, the new big brother or sister or your baby, check out!  Use code  BLOGGERSROCK to get 10% Off your purchase!  If you see that some bags are out, never fear, subscribe to them and they will email you when they are available again!

To help you get your bag, one (1) of my readers will receive a $15 gift codeto help get your bag!  It is super easy entry so enter below to get your code!

**I received this product for review purposes only.  My opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my disclaimers page for more information.**

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