Very rarely does anything these days render me speechless.  I usually can come up with at least something to say that is somewhat clever.

But the movie, The Help, based on the New York Times bestseller by the same name is a movie that will absolutely leave you without words to adequately define the experience.

This is possibly the best movie I have seen in a decade… possibly ever.

Very rarely does a person have an opportunity to explore and feel the gamut of emotions that I felt while watching this movie.  From side splitting laughter to deep, intense anger, to heartwarming tears, to real, heartbreaking tears, this movie took me on a journey I have long stopped expecting from any Hollywood product.

The movie follows the stories of three courageous woman in an unusual and ‘unacceptable to society’ friendship on the brink of the Civil Rights Movement.  Brought together on the basis of creating a book from the viewpoint of the segregated class of black maids and a white novelist, bent on writing something that had never been written before, the women experience deep hatred, glorious love, and a lesson of self respect and admiration for humanity.

There was not a person in that theater last night for the preview that this movie did not have a profound affect on. That was evident by the spontaneous bouts of applause, the roar of hysterical laughter, and the silent, but telling times of tears.

The atmosphere in the theater was one of deep admiration and respect for the filmmaker, the story teller, and the amazing cast of actors assembled. And the spontaneous applause at the end told the truth that everyone, man and woman, was deeply touched and educated by what they had just seen.

If you do not leave The Help feeling uplifted, educated, emotional, and touched to the depths of your soul, then you did not pay attention.

If it does not still resonate in your conscious the next day and you do not inherently know that it will affect you for a long time to come, then you really missed out on the true drama, comedy, emotion and depth that this movie offers.

I, as well as my two friends I was with, and fellow blogger who I sat next to, Kristi with, will all attest that this is a must see for any person looking for a movie that truly highlights the talents and amazing abilities of storytelling and its impact when done correctly and meaningfully.

I feel deeply honored that I got to see this film.  And I think you will take from it the one word I am using to describe it… AMAZING… as well!

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‘The Help’ Enters theaters August 10, 2011.

**I got the opportunity to preview this movie in return for this review.**