Every once in a while, while lost in the world of popular tv shows and DVD’s for kids, I long for something different.  Something classic and fun for the whole family to sit and watch over and over again!

Academy Award Nominee, The Gruffalo, narrated by Helena Bonham Carter, is a breath of fresh air in the sea of entertainment options for my family!  And as a bonus, my kids L O V E it!

The story follows Mouse (do I need to tell you he’s a mouse?)  as he heads out to find a nut.  Along the way, he runs into animals that want to eat HIM!  So Mouse thinks he is clever and invents a big, scary monster to scare them away!  And it all works well… until he confronts his own creation.

I love this 40 minute film that opened up the conversation between me and the kids about fears, bravery and using their heads to work through scary situations.  Like the first day of school, a new extra curricular activity, or even a new Church group.  And they love Mouse and The Gruffalo and want them to come live with us.

But that is a whole other conversation!

The animation is amazing, the story line is fun and entertaining and the characters captivating!  And the bonus photo gallery and “making of” footage is just a nice little perk!

This is a great family movie that you and your kids will want to watch over and over again!  I am evening thinking of getting The Gruffalo original book for my kids for Christmas, we loved it so much!

Pick up your copy of The Gruffalo on Amazon now for an amazing $7.71 (23% off!).