There is a national epidemic that scares me more and more as my children enter the school systems of America.


I’ve watched the news where children as young as 11 are committing suicide as a result of unrelenting bullying at the hands of their classmates.  And with the internet, the avenues to break a child’s spirit are as vast as they have ever been.

I was bullied as a child.  Not to the extent of what seems to be going on.  But being an “outcast” by coming in to my school system at 4th grade instead of being one of the “in” kids that had been with the crowd since preschool, made me an easy target.  But I remember it as being ‘tamer’ than what it is now.  And my teacher’s did not seem so overwhelmed with oversized classes and severe discipline issue kids that they could see and stop a lot of it.

The Fat Boy Chronicles should be seen by any parent or child that is in America’s school systems.  Private or public, boy or girl, everyone.

Based in a true story, this groundbreaking, family friendly film sees Jimmy battles teenage obesity.  Relentless teasing by both students and adults causes him to reach deep down and not only get his life under control, but to persevere through it all while being the target of hateful words, mean pranks and heartbreaking ignorance.

After a visit to his doctor which reveals his obvious obesity, this strong and courageous 14 year old starts running and eating better.  His parents stand beside him and his dad even joins him on his runs.  A pivotal message of supportive love from father to son and then from mother to son when she meets with him after his runs.  She offers love and appreciation for what he has accomplished and it is awesome and shows that parents really do have the power to help their children!

As Jimmy gets in shape, gains confidence and the attention of the girl he loves, he records it all in a journal, which is the narrative of the film.  Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hitting too close to home, and always inspiring.  This movie is a must see for educators, parents and kids.

There are lessons for us all in it!

Not just about bullying but about so much more, this film is a wonderful start to a conversation we should all have with our children about healthy eating, the quality of friendships and the importance of standing up and doing the right thing for people.  It shares the power of a parents support, the written word, and the power within us all to do this impossible and change our lives from the inside out.

Side Note:  My neighbor watched this this evening with her two boys, 13 and 15, and she said they started watching it and playing on their phones.  And then, about 10 minutes in, they put the phones down and watched the whole thing.  She said that never happens!

This DVD also offers bullying prevention information, cast interviews and audio commentary with the Director and Author of the novel.  You can purchase The Fat Boy Chronicles at Barnes & Noble online for $19.95.  You can also get  The Fat Boy Chronicles  by Diane Lane in which the film is based on. Or, download The Fat Boy Chronicles eBook to your Kindle.

Whatever you do, get to know Jimmy and share him and his story with your family, students and friends.

**I received this product for review purposes only.  My opinions and writings are 100% my own.  Please see my Disclosure page for more information.**