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Disney is at it again.  Providing great movies in one pack for you and your family to enjoy!  The Emperor’s New Groove / Kronk’s New Groove Three-Disc Special Edition is now out on Blu-Ray DVD!


If you have not seen this HYSTERICAL classic, then you are missing out.  Not only is STING’s Academy Award Nominated song the title song “A Funny Friend and Me” included – along with some other amazing tracks, but the animation is amazing.  Crystal clear and vibrant.

I love that this is a movie I can watch with my kids and truly enjoy.  Though my 4 year old may not get all of the innuendo’s, I do and it makes it entertaining for me as well.

The movie set follows a young, spoiled Emperor named Kuzco.  He is transformed into a Llama by Yzma, a sinister adviser.  As he struggles in his new state, it takes a thoughtful peasant to show him how much easier it is to be himself. As he learns, peace is restored to his kingdom!

Follow up this highly acclaimed Disney classic with the second movie which is just as hysterical.  In Kronk’s New Groove, Kronk cooks up trouble and Yzma has to contain him.  The follow up film is just as beautifully done as any Disney Classic.

This movie collection may not have the same fanfare behind it as some of the other’s, and that is a shame.  With Davis Spade and a whole cast of wonderful character actors behind it, it should be a classic in any movie collection!

Pick up your’s today online and in stores and get ready to dance and move as you get your Groove on!

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