The things toy companies come up with to entertain and educate my children never cease to amaze me!  One of our favorite characters that get my kids playing with each other, exploring different stories and using their imagination is Barbie!

Barbie Color Magic Mermaid Doll

Yes, I know I have three daughters and yes, I know that Barbie in my house is not a shock.  But what is so cool to me is that they are always coming up with awesome dolls and toys that only enhance my children’s playtime!

With summer right around the corner and entertainment needed that does not include screen time, I was so excited to get the NEW Barbie Color Magic Mermaid Doll in the mail!  Available in both blonde and brunette hair, these beautiful fun dolls take your children under the ‘sea’ with magical results.

Barbie Color Magic Mermaid Doll

The Color Magic Mermaid Doll’s tail and hair change colors under cold water.  Perfect for the summertime swimming pool, she is detailed with a crown on her color changing hair, great details on her tail that also changes color and three bendable spots that make her fun to position next to a pool or bath tub.

And she comes with a brush and squirting seahorse companion!

My girls absolutely love this doll.  They fight over it as all good sister’s do!  We have noticed that when you put her under really cold water, her hair gets to be a darker pink and her tail turns dark blue!  And then, when you put her under warm water, she changes back.

Barbie Color Magic Mermaid Doll

 Do you have children who love to play in the pool and the bath?  Do they love to use their imagination and have it enhanced by a doll that changes before their eyes?  Do they LOVE Barbie?

Then pick up the NEW Barbie Color Magic Barbie Doll today and watch their face light up time after time!

**I received this product for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**