A big thing in raising kids is finding ways to keep them AWAY from the screen. Whether it be television or video games.  My pediatrician always asks how much screen time my girls get and I always think my answer is way too much.

One of the best places to make sure I am not tempted to let me television do the teaching is in the car.  Sure, we have a DVD player but I don’t turn it on anymore.  It just got to be too much!  However, unless I am “on my game”, I do struggle to find fun, educational things to do with my kids in the car.

And if I don’t have any ideas, they just cry and fight and ask to eat fast food!

So when the creators of AutoLearner.com – two moms – asked me to check out their new, educational product, I jumped at it!

The AutoLearner is an easy to use pocket that sits on your head rest.  It holds “lessons” that can be seen and used as a tool to entertain and educate your kids on the road.

Basically, you insert the sturdy AutoLearner on your headrest facing the child.  Insert a page from whichever lesson you downloaded and printed – Alphabet, A-Z, Numbers, Colors, and MORE – and then use the handy parental guide to ask and teach your children while you drive and pay attention to the road!

I used the Alphabet lesson and inserted A into the AutoLearner facing Megan, my 2 year old.  I started to ask her some suggested questions off the parental section of the lesson.  Can you tell me what letter that is?  Can you trace an “A” with your finger?  Can you see anything around you that starts with an “A”?

Unbelievably, she, in her little toddler voice, knew how to do most of the things I asked AND even named a few things that begin with an A!  I was so impressed and excited!  So, while waiting in line at my oldest daughter’s school, I switched the page and we started with B!

The AutoLearner is such a simple concept.  But it teaches both child and parent that you can learn on the road – safely, easily, and without a $400 DVD player!  And right now, use code FRIENDS20 and get 20% off your order!

Take a moment to look around the AutoLearner website and see how this educational product can be ideal for your young children as well!  Take advantage of the fact that parental interaction in a young child’s education makes more of a difference the more you do it!

**I received this product for review purposes only.  My opinions and writings are 100% my own.  Please see my Disclosure page for more information.**