As you probably know from my incredibly annoying, yet informative and no where near professional looking, videos, I have been the proud recipient of a 2012 White Diamond Edition Chevy Traverse to drive for a few weeks.

It has been a fantastic experience!   From the kick off breakfast that was elegantly put together by the Houston Area Chevy Dealers to the beautiful vehicle that they entrusted me with, to the wonderful relationship I have now built with my dealership, this whole experience has been amazing!

But this is about the 2012 Diamond Edition Chevy Traverse… so I’ll move on!

The Chevy Traverse is easy to fall in love with!

What is not to love, really?  This crossover was carefully designed and built to please!  It drives like a luxury car and has amenities that my entire family was able to use!  With multiple cup holders – those are important to me and my little family – to multiple outlets to charge my electronics, to OnStar services and detailed information on my vehicle, right on the dashboard!

Let me talk a little about OnStar!  If you have the opportunity to get this service, please do!  We are actually thinking of purchasing the package that is now out on the market for all vehicles for our car.  The clear benefit is that you have someone at the touch of a button who can guide you when your lost, help you unlock your car, and notify authorities if you are in a collision.  But did you know that OnStar will also run analyses  on your car and send that information to you via email or in your car?  And that they can tell you where to go for dinner and more?

It is truly every drivers best friend!  Not only that, by having information fed to you through the speakers in your car, you don’t have to fumble around with texting or using your phone when you should be driving!

See my ultimate favorite feature here:

So you can see I love the ride!

One thing I was also surprised about in the Traverse what the intelligent use of space for storage!  There are multiple places to put your purse, phones, toys for the kids, and more!  I actually never even used 2 spaces while I drove it!  Plus, if you lift the hatch, you will see that the third row seats lay down instantly with one pull of the release from you and that there is additional storage under the back floor!  I carried 5 pumpkins to my daughters school with them in there.  It was great because they were contained and did not roll around the back while I was driving!

The Chevy Traverse has hooks everywhere for grocery nets, trash bags and more!  There just seems to be a place for everything in this crossover!

Check out some of the features here:

Now, I do have a family of three small girls and it is hard to see behind the Traverse so I panicked every time I backed out for fear I would hit one of my kids.  But, the Traverse comes with the back up sensor and you can get it with the back up camera right in the rear view mirror!   My husband has this feature on his truck and it is amazing!  Well worth the extra cost if the model you are looking at does not have it!

And although I did get 3 car seats across the middle row and I kind of like that the kids are all right there to get to when they needed something, it was sometimes a challenge to get them all buckled in.  Especially if one was resistant.  But over all, I was completely happy with the situation of my kids car seats!

If you are considering a new car, take a trip to your local Houston Area Chevy Dealer and drive a Chevy Traverse!   If you do, your participating dealer will award you with a $40 SpaFinder Gift Card from October 31, 2011 to November 30, 2011 (or while supplies last)!  JUST for driving it!  You are NOT obligated to buy it!   Find out more details on the Gotta Love Chevy Houston Facebook Page!

Over all, I though the Traverse was a Diamond in the rough world of car sales!  And I do think you will agree that it is a stand out car!

This project was a ton of fun and I feel so honored that I was able to participate in it!

**The Traverse Campaign is being sponsored by the Houston Area Chevy Dealers.  I received a gas card and spa gift certificate as compensation for participating in this campaign.  My writings and opinions are 100% my own.  Please see my Disclaimers page for more information.**

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