I love the holidays! We always have more people than can fit in our house, and sometimes, remembering everyone’s name can be a little hard. Place cards are the perfect solution.

Add a touch of personalization to your Thanksgiving table with place cards.

I’m used to large gatherings of people at Thanksgiving. We always invited anyone and everyone who didn’t have a Thanksgiving to go to. We brought in large folding tables, used paper plates and cutlery, and set the food up buffet style. More often than not, I didn’t know half the people there. There would be church members, coworkers, friends, and family.

To help with not knowing everyone, we always had name cards set out. As a kid, that was one of my favorite jobs during the holidays – to decorate the place cards and set them out. We didn’t insist anyone sit where their card was, it was just helpful to get to know each other.

This year we have some distant in-laws coming to town that I don’t know all that well, and I’ve never met their kids. So name cards are going to be incredibly helpful. While I’m not hosting this year (and perfectly OK with that!), I have been charged with creating the name tags. Some of these are just fantastic.

DIY Creative Place Cards

I love these unusual items people have used to create name holders for their Thanksgiving tables. They are all pretty simple to create and may even inspire some other ideas for you.

Glitter Top Pumpkin Placecards from Oh My Creative

DIY Burlap Thanksgiving Placecard from The Country Chic Cottage

Thanksgiving Pinecone Placecard Holders from Girl Creative

Low-Cost Rustic Chic Pear from An Alli Event

Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards

If you’re not the creative type, these printable name tags are exactly what you need. I absolutely love the 3D Turkey’s for a kids table, but you’ll find some elegant and fun name places here.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards from Today’s Creative Life

Printable Place Cards from About A Mom lots of designs but some cute 3D Turkey’s

Thankful For Printable and PlaceMat from Unexpected Elegance

Just remember as you invite people to your holiday parties not everyone may want to come, and it may not have anything to do with you. Take a minute to be grateful for your family, and try to remember those who would rather celebrate alone.