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The franchise that arrived in my childhood is going strong and filtering into kids lives today.  And the newest DVD,  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Enter Shredder is in stores and online for our kids enjoyment!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This new DVD continues the hit Nickelodeon CGI-animated series that captured the attention of the kids everywhere.  As the Turtles fight to keep the streets of New York safe, they endure non stop battles and challenges that needs teamwork to solve.

This 7 episode DVD takes the Turtles on an investigation on the disappearance of a scientist, saves a local noodle shop owner from being a hostage of Xever and follows them as they defend their home from Bradford and his dangerous chemicals.

When multiple threats force the Turtles to split into two groups, the teams must out prove each other to save the day.

My girls are not to the Turtles age group yet but my neighbor’s son loved it.  The animation is awesome and the story lines that promote brotherhood, teamwork and trust are perfect for kids everywhere!

You can pick up the new DVD in stores or online now!