Grab your kids, grab your dance moves and settle in for the HUGELY popular Teen Beach Movie now out on DVD!

Teen Beach Movie

My girls FLIPPED when they got back from their dads for the summer and saw this title on the shelf! Requests for instant popcorn, snuggle time and hitting play were instant. But once this movie got started, we were up and dancing and having a blast with Ross and McKenzie and the whole crew!

Check out a clip below!

Seriously, even though this movie is aimed at ages 6 – 14, my 5 and 4 year old were hooked as well! This is a great movie for the whole family!

The basic gist is that the characters are whisked away to a 1960’s Beach Movie where they change the story line and create confusion for all. With high energy musical numbers and some really great humor, they have to get out of the movie and let it return to it’s usual plot!

Teen Beach Movie

Get your Teen Beach Movie NOW and dance the night away with Exclusive Rehearsal Footage including the never before seen number, ‘Coolest Cat in Town’!

I bet your kids, tweens, teen – and even you – will love it as much as we do!