All They Wanted Was Me

My kids take me through a myriad of emotions almost daily. From laughter to frustration to heart warming love to just plain ‘How the heck am I ever going to get through this day?” But every moment is awesome. Even when I am on the verge of crawling into a lions den. Wearing BBQ sauce. [...]

2016-05-11T15:35:52-05:00By |Raising Daughters|5 Comments

SparkUp: 5 BIG Mommy Stars Review

#ADIMHGG2013 This year has brought me the opportunity to review some really amazing items. All of which I have given my complete honest opinion on for you. But it is possible that the SparkUp: The Magical Book Reader might just be my absolute favorite of the year. […]

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Uncle Milton’s Wild Walls and Wall Friends Review

**Read below to see how to Enter to WIN an Uncle Milton product!** Are you looking for some new wall decorations for your kids?  Are they (and you) getting tired of the same posters, canvases, and pictures?  Oh boy, you’re going to love these!  You need to try Uncle Milton’s Wild Walls and Wall Friends!  [...]

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