This year has brought me the opportunity to review some really amazing items. All of which I have given my complete honest opinion on for you. But it is possible that the SparkUp: The Magical Book Reader might just be my absolute favorite of the year.

SparkUp The Magic Book Reader

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This simple to use reader allows something amazing to happen. It allows your kids to hear your voice read their favorite stories even if you are not with them. It allows Grandma to read their favorite book from across the country. And it allows a child’s dad to read stories that calm them from overseas.

With storage of up to 50 books, the SparkUp Reader offers amazing technology with ease of use to impress and comfort any child through voice.

See how I read to my daughter below:

Using it is simple. Slide the back cover of the book into the insert on the Spark Up Reader and tilt the top part up so the camera can see the cover. The reader will tell you if it recognizes the book from a previous recording or if it does not. If not, click the record button and read the cover to the Spark Up reader. Continue to read as you turn the pages, recording as each page turns. When done, hit the record button again and it will tell you that the book has been recorded.

SparkUp The Magic Book Reader

Your child can insert that book into the SparkUp Reader at any time and hear the book read back to them in your voice. The Reader will recognize the cover from there on out.

Another added bonus to the SparkUp Reader is that it can encourage your kids to read as well! My 4 year old obviously can not read. But she can look at pictures and use her imagination to get the story. She can record books in her own voice. I LOVE this as it encourages the love of books.

Since my ex-husband and I live a ways apart, this is a great way for me to send my voice with my kids at bedtime. I will also have him record a few books so he can read to them at bedtime too. Add my parents in, friends that they love and more and we have an entire community that loves my children that can read them a story at any time they want.

I am so excited about the SparkUp Reader and I recommended this product with 5 enthusiastic Mom stars! You will be amazed at the encouragement this reader can give your kids, the love that comes from watching them hear a story from someone far away and the help in learning to read that it can provide.

SparkUp The Magic Book Reader

I, personally, think this is one of the absolute best products of 2013!

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