I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for T3. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.

The products that are out there and beneficial to us are just amazing. I mean, who knew that there was a shower head that actually was stylish and elegant and aimed at making our hair softer, less frizzy and so easy to install that even I could do it?!

Well, there is, and you can thank your lucky stars above! The T3 Source Shower Filter is here! And I, for one, am now a believer!

T3 Source Shower Filter #T3Source

Ignoring the obvious Sheetrock work I need to repair my shower area from a previous shower head leak, I can tell you that installing this shower head was so easy and fast that I did it with only needle nosed pliers in less than 5 minutes. It took me longer to curse the repairs I have still not made to the area!

But aside from it’s easy install, obvious beauty and several shower settings, this shower head is different than all the rest. Why? Because just by using it, my hair has benefited in more than one way!

T3 Source Shower Filter #T3Source

Yep. The T3 Source Shower Filter is specifically designed to help your hair be healthier!

The water in my neighborhood is expensive as all get out. A private water company rules the water lines and we pay for it. But they don’t do anything to really filter the water. So tests have shown that we have a ton of things in there that really should not be. One of the things is that we have a very high level of chlorine. That chlorine in my water supply can lead to dry and damaged hair since my hair does not know how to process that.

The T3 Source Filter removes up to 95% of the chlorine from my water! Right in my shower head! And that has led to noticeably less frizz, a reduction in tangles and a softness I have noticed!

How cool is that?

Learn about the super awesome technology behind the T3 Source Shower Filter and how it has also helped my skin feel less dry and smoother too in the video below!

Pretty cool, right?

All that tech is really fun and all but I have the most fun trying out all of the settings on my new shower head. There are 8 premium settings on this shower head which is amazing! I like the Massage Full setting because it gives me a strong stream with a relaxing feel. But, really, I could stand under any of them at any time.

T3 Source Shower Filter #T3Source

I have had the shower head in for about two weeks and I can not tell you on which shower I started to notice the change in my hair and skin, but it did not take long. In fact, I want to go take more showers just to see how much better my hair and skin can get!

I LOVE this shower head and the fact that it takes chemicals out of my water!

Get more information on the T3 Source Shower Filter and all of their products on the T3 Facebook Page.

And get your hair changing filter at Sephora and on the T3Micro.com website!

T3 Source Shower Filter #T3Source

How is your water on your area? Wouldn’t you like to wash the awesome back into your hair and skin? And investment in something that takes chemicals away from you is a great thing!