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SUMMER IS HERE!!!!  And my girls are having the time of their lives in camps and bible schools.  But the one thing that they always want to do, no matter the time or what else they have done that day, is to go to the pool!

And last week, I had a surprise that was going to elate them!

Thanks to Swimways and their awesome line of Pool Toys, they were going swimming with a Dolphin, Penguin and a Polar Bear!

Swimways Pooligan Pool Toys #Swimways

I have told you about Swimways and their awesome program TeachMeToSwim.com.  But teaching children to swim is more than just putting them in the water and showing them the motions.  Kids have to love the water and want to explore the ways to get around in it safely to maximize the most fun!

And that is why I am LOVING Swimways toys and accessories.  My kids are taking swim lessons in the next two weeks but, until then, I had to have them safe at the pool.  So their super adorable line of SeaSquirt Fin Vests and other flotation devices have been irreplaceable.

Just check out my 5 year old diving and flipping into the deep end with confidence with one of these on!


Aside from my ridiculous rambling, Sarah never would have been able ot do this without the vest!

But no matter how much my other girls loved it and the begging I did for my little Megan to try them, she would not.  It was not until we received the  Pooligans – the Dolphin, Polar Bear and Penguin – the she even wanted to put her legs up and try to kick and float!

These are AWESOME!!!  Not only are they a fun and colorful friend for your children to swim with, but they float and can hold your children above the water as well!

They are soft and squishy but strong and sturdy!

My girls are IN LOVE!  And so am I.  Because, as you can see below, my little one who never leaves the baby pool, took one under each arm and started to kick and swim around with them.  It was AMAZING!

Swimways Pooligan Pool Toys #Swimways

Not only that, my 5 year old took a hold of  the dolphin in one hand and her spray wand in the other and put her head under water and kicked like mad.  She SWAM on her own with the comfort of her little pink friend to hold onto and pull her up if she needed it!

My oldest claimed the polar bear and rode it around the pool laughing in that precious summertime laugh every child should have.

I will say that I was concerned about the drying of such a dense toy soaked through and through, but the material releases the water and you can watch it drip down as the toy dries out.  So even though I hauled them home – along with three very happy girls – in my car, they were already half way dry and did not leave puddles in my car!

Swimways Pooligan Pool Toys #Swimways

These are so incredibly awesome and every child should have one.  I HIGHLY recommend these and the other Swimways pool toys for your beginning swimmer to advanced!  Because fun and unique toys just make pool time better!

Get more safety tips on the Learn To Swim Website and get your accessories and toys under the SWIMWAYS tab.