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I think we all have those days where, at the end of them, we wonder how we made it. Those super busy, I will never get it done, but somehow I do, days. They seem to happen more during the summer for me. The kids are home and I feel like I need to spend endless hours at the pool with them. Work calls and I feel like I need to spend countless hours catching up. My health calls and I feel like I need to be at the gym all day long. Laundry calls, the dogs need to be fed, the kids need to be told to clean their room… it all adds up and makes a day busy and seemingly impossible to get through. Luckily, on even my busiest days, I have some sweet treats that add some TART to my day. Like NEW SweetTARTS Mini Gummy Bites and NEW SweetTARTS Softbites.

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Why, you ask, am I keeping and enjoying an occasional sweet and tart treat when I am in the midst of my crazy day? 1) Because I can and 2) Because as a mom, a single one at that, I deserve a little ‘good job’ bite of happy to celebrate that I am making it! These little bite size pieces of taste bud pleasing SweetTARTS are the perfect sweet and tart combo to accompany a busy day!

Today, for instance, was a doozy. I had SO much work to do, SO much laundry to fold, SO much preparing to do for my daughter’s birthday party tomorrow, SO much everything. I had to get to the box to workout. I had to get to my mailbox to check my mail and pick up packages long overdue for receipt. I had to pick up boots for the girls for the horseback lessons that ended up being canceled due to weather. I had to get to work so that clients did not yell at me and I had to spend precious, never going to have it again, time with my girls.

So as I headed out I tossed a bag of SweetTARTS mini gummy bites in my purse. Because while I am waiting on my youngest to choose the perfect boots, while I am waiting in line with three excited girls to order the birthday cake, while I am patting myself on the back for working out HARD, I need a little tart happy in my life. Something that is just for me and reminding me that I deserve a little taste bud spoiling too!

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What was on your agenda for today? Have you seen the NEW SweetTARTS products in stores? Pick the up now and spoil yourself with a little sweet and tart on your busiest days!