I love chocolate. I have to say it again – I LOVE chocolate. I REALLY love dark chocolate. I have a confession – when I was pregnant with my son, I ate a bag of dark chocolate squares (you know the ones – in the little foil wrappers) EVERY DAY.  Yes, a bag a day. Can’t tell you how many times people said I would get sick. I just laughed! Dark chocolate is my weakness. What makes it even more enjoyable is now they are saying it is GOOD for you! BONUS!  When I was asked to sample goodies from the fine folks at sweetriot, they didn’t have to ask me twice!

sweetriot Chocolate

sweetriot sent me various items, and I was really in awe of the packaging. There is unique artwork on the bar wrappers which adds to the uniqueness of the product. I say unique because although there are many companies out there offering pure 70% rich, dark chocolate, this chocolate is also USDA organic, gluten free, kosher, vegan, non-dairy, organic, organic, organic.  Did I mention that this is organic?  The items I received are the 70% Quirky Quinoa Crunch, the 70% Kickin Coconut, a tin of cacao nibs, and some bite sized squares.

The company also sent me a Nestle Crunch bar to do a comparison between that one and a sweetriot  bar, made with quinoa to give it a crunch. Honestly, I didn’t bother opening the Nestle bar. I’ll pass on the 24 grams of sugar. The sweetriot bar contains only 8 grams of sugar, and since it is pure dark chocolate, I didn’t want to ruin the taste in my mouth with a milk chocolate Nestle bar.  The sweetriot crunch bar tastes AMAZING!  A TRUE dark chocolate lover like myself will find the slight bitterness appealing, and with the crunch of the quinoa (which incidentally, is also quite good for you) this bar is simply perfection!! The Kickin Coconut is satisfying as well, and will curb your craving when you just need something sweet. Again – being 70% pure dark chocolate, it’s not sickeningly sweet – it’s just right!  The small bite size squares have found a place in my purse for when I need that chocolate pick-me-up.

I spent a little time on the company’s website and see they have other products that I’m sure are equally delicious! (I may have to order some Fabulous Flax! – it’s GOOD for you!!). So go ahead and get some – you will be glad you did!

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