A few weeks ago, I told you about Sweet Relish and how much I was loving “cyber window shopping’ on the site!  Well, nothing has changed.  I still think it is an awesome site that has a lot of benefit to those of us who like something, see it and then can’t find it for the life of us later on.

See my post about how Sweet Relish works and why I like it so much!

Sweet Relish #SweetRelish

Now, as my post says, you can use the ‘Relish Button’ to highlight things you find on sites that you might want to purchase down the line.  And you can shop and buy straight from Sweet Relish.  And they have some amazing things too!

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of some really cool stuff from Sweet Relish and want to share these fun items with you!

My favorite ‘for me’ item is the citruszinger juicer and water bottle.  Now, I love water… as long as it has flavoring in it.  And I am in this ‘the more natural the better’ phase.  So a water bottle that lets me squeeze a real orange or lemon on one end, add the water on the other and drink is a-OK with me!   Really, it is just that easy!

Sweet Relish #SweetRelish

I just cut an orange in half, ‘juiced’ it on the built in juicer, added water and I had a delicious, refreshing bottle of orange flavored water to enjoy!  Do this with lemon too!  Anything to get the water into us is a great thing!  So add a little flavor and enjoy!

Now, for the kids….

I have learned that kids need incentive to eat sometimes.  Whether it be from really silly cuts of sandwiches to funny place mats, anything to keep them at the table and eating is a bonus.  My kids eat – barely – but using creative items does help.

Sweet Relish #SweetRelish

OOGAA Baby has created the cutest silicone placemat that is easy to fold and go with for little ones.  They are soft, safe and non toxic so if your child wants to eat their peas or cheerios off the placemat, they can go for it!  Ours has little froggies and my 3 year old loves it!  I love it because it is easy to store, clean and reuse.

And for the home…

Who does not need help with organization?  I DO!  But more than cleaning closets and throwing away empty fruit snack boxes in the pantry, I need help organizing my mental state!  LOL

Sweet Relish #SweetRelish

I am so easily distracted from things I need to be doing to do other things that I never get anything done.  And then I forget things and that creates issues and on and on it goes.  So I need a place to writing things down and be done with it!

Enter the super cute, easily movable, colorful Lulalu Dry Erase Set.  Complete with two small wipable boards that easily affix and re-affix to any surface and the cute pen and holder – because, really, who thinks it is ridiculous that white boards come without pen holders? – that you can use to jot down anything.  From milk at the store to ‘please breathe’, any reminder is a good thing.  I love how colorful these are and that I can put them on anything from my stainless fridge to my walls!

Now that you have seen a very small sample of what Sweet Relish has to offer, enter to WIN a box exactly like mine for YOU!  Entry is easy!  Just complete the form below and GOOD LUCK!

**This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Sweet Relish. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**