You guys know I have a love for pets.  Cats, dogs, rabbits and so on.  But one thing that absolutely drives me nuts is having to head over the the door time after time to let out my two dogs.  They never want to go out at the same time, they want to come in separately and when it is squirrel hunting time, they scratch and bark and basically make a ruckus until someone lets them out. Dog doors -and cat doors, resolve that issue!

But having a doggie door in the country is dangerous.  You never know what might wander in!  So I LOVE the Microchip Cat Door that I got to review for you guys!

This door is great!  It uses the microchip that your pet has to allow access through the door.  Only those pets that the door recognizes the chip from can come in!!  So stray cats, rodents and anything else that might want to scurry through this battery operated door that is made of sturdy plastic instead of flimsy rubber, are locked out.  And the installation is easy and done in no time!

After seeing that my “little” dog was a little too tall for the door (he is NOT a tiny little Bichon as advertised, but a Labra-Doodle… whole ‘nuther post) I happily “donated” my door to a friend who has a tiny dog and cats and a problem with other strays trying to get in.  This is the PERFECT door to eliminate other animals from coming into your home!

Check out our slide show below to see how easy it is to install:

We have had numerous dog doors over the years and I have to say, after watching the install and use of the door at my friends, this one is a much higher quality and will last a lot longer than the ones you get that have the thin plastic flaps.  And if you have a small dog, like the one in the slide show that easily fits through the door, you basically eliminate it’s ability to chew on this door.  For anyone who has had to hunt down a replacement flap for a door a dog chewed through, you’ll appreciate that little perk!

And once my friend had her door in she programmed her little dogs code in and the dog started using it within seconds!  I can not tell you how intelligent this design is!  The door is built like a tunnel so that your cat or small dog has to stick their head into the tunnel to have it’s chip read.  This prevents another animal from pulling the door open from the outside!  Not only that, the door’s strong magnetic strip locks the door in place when not in use creating an air tight seal.

Get your SureFlap Microchip Cat (and small dog) door using discount code MOMBLOG12 at checkout and SAVE 10% NOW through May 31, 2012!  I can tell you that this one is well worth the price!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Mom Blog Society Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.