How well do you know your kids?  Sure, we know some things.  We know what they like to eat, who most of their friends are and what video games they like to play.  But do you know where your child would want to go if they went to another country?  Do you  know why their favorite color is pink?  Or do you know what they consider to be the best thing they have ever done?

With Super Duper Conversation Games like All About You, All About Me Fun Deck and TopicTalk(tm) Conversation Card Game, you can learn more about your children in a fun game that can help take the stress out of  learning to talk to your kids. 


Here is the thing about this game.  It is more than just a card game with silly questions that make your kids giggle.  I mean, they do giggle.  But the way the game is set up, the conversations that can be had are so educational for you about your kids, how they think and what they dream about!

Check out my kids answering a few questions below:

I just love how they answer so completely.   As we continued, Katie read the cards to her sisters and they talked about things they love.  And though the game has rules and we loosely followed them, it was more interesting to me to listen to my kids talk to me about things that I would never think to ask them about.

In the All About Me, All About You card deck, interesting and fun cards contain questions.  There are wild cards and such as well to trump the kids as we go.  In the TopicTalk ™ game, the game is set up to allow kids to talk about a topic, ask and answer questions and learn to stay on a topic for a period of time.  All skills that are needed as they advance through school!


What better way to spend a family game night than getting to know your kids and helping them develop skills that will only benefit them as they excel through school!  Check out the entire line of educational games and toys on the Super Duper Publications website.

You will find that these games and toys and educational tools are in schools and used as teacher’s choice all the time!

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