If you are anything like me, you are already stumped for what to get your kids this year. They have everything and everything else seems like just things that will clutter your home with no value. I want something fun and educational under the tree. Something that will stimulate their imagination and education all year long. So, pretty much anything from Super Duper Publications!

Super Duper Educational Games

Let’s start with the important stuff now that our budgets are already stressed for the holidays, typed the woman who went inflatable crazy this year! So a 15% SAVINGS on games we WANT our kids to have is a HUGE help! Just use code D8QS6GF6 at check out to take advantage! ALSO, any order over $20 ships FREE! And there is plenty of time to get them by Christmas. This offer ends December 20, 2013 so HURRY!

I got their catalog the other day and I have already circled a million more things I want for my kids. All year I have been so completely impressed with the quality of the games, the thought process that went into creating them and the love my kids have of them!

I received the following games from Super Duper Inc and my kids and I have been slowly playing them on Family Game Night. Little do they know that they are also learning as we go!

Photo Fish Magnetic Classifying Game

MagneTalk Yogarilla Exercises Game

Story Prediction Secret Decoder Fun Deck

MagneTalk Telling Time Game

Word Joggers for Categories 

60 Ticklin’ Tongue Twister Pencils (perfect for classroom holiday gifts!)

Super Duper Educational Games

I have to say, not one of these games tipped the kids off at all that they were learning. There is a reason that school systems use Super Duper to help them teach kids the important things they need to know.

The Photo Fish kept my 4 year old busy categorizing while I did the laundry and the Yogarilla game saw all of my kids getting in the oddest of poses. I have promised them that I won’t take photos of ‘everything we do moooom’ so I was banned from clicking away. I’ll get them in these hysterical poses soon, though. But I LOVE the Telling Time magnet board! Check out Megan (4) learning her times!

The Story Prediction game teaches my girls how to understand a story and try to finish it. The secret decoder in the box shines on the right answer promoting concentration and helping my kids self teach. My oldest and I popped open the Word Joggers game and we are working out the details there. It’s hard when little sisters want to do what you do!

Super Duper Educational Games

Find all of the awesome educational games and activities for your kids at Super Duper. And don’t forget to take advantage of the 15% OFF and FREE Shipping over $20!

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