It is time to bond with some old friends and save the planet from an outer space bully! Super Buddies on DVD + Digital Copy is in stores and online now for purchase for your family movie night!

This awesome movie had me and my kids jumping up and down and rooting for the Super Buddies!

In this heartwarming – and unbelievable cute movie – the Buddies discover magical rings that give them all super powers. As Mudbud, B-Dawg, Buddha and Rosebud learn to use their new powers, a big bully from outer space threatens to take out the planet!

Check out a clip below:

How cute?

To help you and your kids get into Super Buddies even more, check out these FREE Activities that they can do!

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Play some fun match up and decoder games then create your own Super Hero Identity and transform your canine companion into a Super Buddy with a cape craft!

I know your family will love this fun  movie as much as mine is! With teamwork being the theme throughout, my kids can learn, along with the Buddies, that working together always creates the best results.

In addition, because this movie comes with digital copy, you can watch it anywhere! From your tablet to your phone to your computer and TV, Super Buddies can travel with you, bringing fun to all anywhere!

Pick up your copy now and come back and tell me how much you love it too!