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I love movies.  All movies.  And there is something special about watching a newly released movie in a movie theater.  But sometimes, you want to combine a good meal and a good movie and you want it to be more than popcorn and soda.

Studio Movie Grill offers in theater dining with servers and a variety of delicious foods on their menu.

Studio Movie Grill #GoHouston

While on a staycation in CityCentre, where I stayed at the uber modern Hotel Sorella, I decided to take in the newly released The Lone Ranger at Studio Movie Grille.  It was a great idea to enjoy lunch and take in a new movie out of the heat of the day in Houston, TX.

The basic set up is just like your regular theater.  But when you get your tickets, you get to choose your seating right then. Pick a table or a bar type seat and walk on in.

The server comes right away and takes your order for drinks – yes, adult beverages are available – and then order your food from salads to burgers to pizza and more.  If you need anything at all during the movie, push the red button by your seat and the server will come to help you.

Studio Movie Grill #GoHouston

As the movie started, my food arrived and I was excited to sit and eat my lunch in the comfort of the large leather seats.  The movie itself was not my cup of tea, but the experience of relaxing and enjoying lunch while taking in Johnny Depp is not a bad way to spend the day.

There are Studio Movie Grill’s all over the greater Houston area and in your town.  And all of the new movies are playing at times that can work around snack or meal time.

Even if you are not looking to eat, the massive seats and comforts make this more relaxing than a traditional theater.

Studio Movie Grill #GoHouston

Have you ever been to Studio Movie Grill?  Check them out and come back and let me know what you think.  I bet you love the food, atmosphere and comfort as much as I do!


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