We are fruit snack fanatics in this house!  Any shape, any character, any size.  My girls would eat them all day long if I would let them! Because of our little addiction here, I am always on the hunt for a healthier alternative to the sugar filled fruit snack options I currently find!

This weekend I was at the store and happened by the Organic, all natural aisle.  Perched right in front of me were Stretch Island Fruit Company All -Natural Fruit Strips and FruitaBü Fruit Rolls.  I turned the packages over and could actually read the ingredients and know what they were – LOVE that – and I could tell that they had more nutritious ingredients in them.

Lucky for me, a few days later I received a box full of Strips and Rolls in the mail, thanks to Stretch Island Fruit Company!

I tried to get them all put up before the kids saw them lest they suffer a mass consumption level and I have none left to try myself.  But I failed in my attempt and the moment the kids saw “Fruit Snacks”, they went wild!

The FruitaBü Fruit Rolls were instant hits!  They are fun to unroll, fun to eat and the kids ask for them daily now!  When I finally bribed a bite, I could tell why they were such a hit!

The rolls – and the strips-  are thinner and lighter than what we are used to!  And the fruit flavor comes through instantly!  I, personally, love them and now buy them for me.  The strips… cause I would look silly eating the rolls…  or so I claim!

These All-Natural Fruit Strips and FruitaBü Fruit Rolls taste good, are healthier for my kids (and me) and are easy to find in the natural snacks section of the store!  Pick some up next time you are at the store and enjoy a better snack for you and your family!

**I received this product for review purposes.  My writings and opinions are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.**